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Raymond Storage Concepts Reclaims Warehouse Space

October 14, 2013. Raymond Storage Concepts invested in
a Kardex-Remstar Shuttle XP for their service parts storage and picking operations. The new footprint is just 100 square feet versus the 2000 square feet the service parts area occupied previously. This space savings enabled Raymond Storage Concepts to expand office space for new parts and service employees.

The whole install took just 2 weeks to transition and Inventory Control Manager Paul Sweetman said, “This Kardex not only has helped us pick faster and more accurately for our customers, but keeps the parts clean and secure while being stored".

The parts inventory is linked to the Raymond Storage Concepts business system and with the optional transaction information panel and light pointer, pick accuracy is virtually 100%. The system can pick single orders or batch pick and has log-on and log-off security. The Shuttle XP has 30 light capacity trays, (500 pounds) and 12 heavy capacity trays (1080 pounds) for parts storage.

The process to fill orders is actually easier too. In the past parts personnel used manual push carts. Parts locations could be at floor level and deep bending to get to parts was a reality. With the new Kardex XP, deep bending is eliminated. All parts are delivered at waist level. The Kardex also has a feature where a light sensor can detect if a part is not placed in its tray properly and will not allow the shuttle to move until the parts are placed in their proper position in the tray.

The Kardex XP is delivering on many levels and will be the workhorse of parts storage and parts picking activity for years to come.


Raymond Storage Concepts Open House Success

July 24, 2012. Raymond Storage Concepts sponsored an
Open Houses in two of their three locations in July. Good
turnout from both customers and the curious may turn this
into an annual event. Storage Concepts partners were very
supportive providing displays and manpower to answer questions.

BHS Starred with their tractor trailer display housing actual product with in-wall video screens, application photos and a full complement of brochures.


Kardex Remstar representatives were on hand and presented products that range from parts storage at a car dealership to large ASRS systems that can be implemented in huge pharmacies or other intense applications. Raymond had 2 new trucks, the 7500 Reach and the 8410 rider pallet truck. Both machines add value day after day with Eco‐Performance. New features, specs and designs caught the attention of users of this type of equipment. Frazier Rack was on hand with quality product and the best sales support in the rack business and Enersys had answers for new battery charger technology. Customers and the curious left full from the cook out lunch and the information gained during many conversations.





Warehouse equipment demand prompts firm to find larger facility

Raymond Storage Concepts finds expansion fit in Groveport, Ohio as it continues to grow!

A warehouse optimization supplier will more than double its size this spring.


Cincinnati based Raymond Storage Concepts, Inc. (RSCI) purchased a 45,000 sq. ft. warehouse for nearly 1 million dollars and plans to move there in May. The warehouse was once home to Keebler and is now the Central Ohio branch for Raymond lift trucks, warehouse products, dock and door products and service. Steady growth in recent years necessitated the expansion from the current 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Urbancrest, said President Scott Wolcott.

“The market is down, but we have continued to grow”, he said. “We’ve run out of space”.

Raymond Storage Concepts employs about 30 employees in Urbancrest with service technicians positioned throughout the territory. The company will use its new facility for equipment repairs, parts, new equipment inventory, Dock and Door product support and a show room featuring a demonstration area.

Raymond Storage Concepts will make $300,000 in improvements to the new building at 4333 Directors Blvd. before the move in. RSCI looked at real estate for 6 months before finding this location. “The way the market is, it is better to buy an existing facility”, Wolcott said.

But finding a building of the proper size for us wasn’t easy, Wolcott added. “We had to do a fair amount of looking,” he said. “We didn’t want a 200,000- to 300,000-square-foot building, and it seems there are many of those.”

Raymond Storage Concepts is co-owned by Scott Wolcott and The Raymond Corporation. RSCI also has facilities in Louisville, KY and the headquarters location in Cincinnati, OH.

RSCI Groveport

Raymond has managed to grow despite a broad downturn in the logistics industry by focusing on service, Wolcott stated.

“There are a lot of things we watch, from ‘first-fix’ rates to response times. At the core, having good people is the most critical,” he said.

Business. Sells, rents and services Raymond Corp. narrow aisle equipment. Also provides sales and service. Dock and door divison is also part of the mix.

Based. Cincinnati

Employees. 88

2011 revenue. Non disclosure


Raymond Model 4150

New Raymond® 7000 Series Reach-Fork truck sets a new standard in productivity and efficiency

Since the introduction of the narrow aisle concept and the first AC-powered Reach- Fork® truck, Raymond has continuously innovated to help customers increase productivity and reduce operating costs. The new 7000 Series Reach-Fork truck sets a new standard in productivity and efficiency.

The new 7500 Models are optimized for energy efficiency and productivity through Raymond Eco-Performance, our approach to designing and engineering lift truck solutions for maximum economic and ecological benefits. The 7500 Models offers increased travel speeds, lift speeds, lower speeds and reach and retract speeds, reducing the cycle time per pallet stored for increased productivity over the competition. This increase in performance was made while improving the trucks energy efficiency. Don’t just take our word for it. Independent third-party testing by the United States Auto Club (USAC) showed the following results in a closed course sanctioned test.

The Raymond Model 7500-R-45TT without Regenerative Lowering used 15.8% less amps and performed the test cycle in 9% less time than the Crown RR5725-45 (with AC Hydraulics).

The Raymond Model 7500-R-45TT with Regenerative Lowering used 21.3% less amps and performed the test cycle in 8.5% less time than the Crown RR5725-45 (with AC Hydraulics).

Specific product improvements include:

what's new

Raymond 4150 / 4250 Receives Plant Engineering Silver Award

The Raymond Corporation's Models 4150 and 4250 are stand-up counterbalanced lift trucks with greater visibility for the operator featuring increased maneuverability provided by agile steering, a shorter head length, and dual steer tires; and the innovative ComfortStance suspension to maximize operator comfort. The 3-wheel trucks are designed to perform right-angle stacking maneuvers in less total area. The dual-steer-wheel design allows one wheel to counter-rotate during turns, resulting in a shorter turn radius and reducing tire loading and steering friction. The trucks' sleek design lends itself to excellent visibility, improving operation and efficiency in applications, such as loading and unloading trailers.




Raymond Model 9300

Raymond Introduces the New 9300/9400 Sideloader

Raymond is pleased to announce the enhanced Sideloader Product Line. The rugged sideloader has a come a long way since its introduction in 1963. It is a now a 48-Volt truck, with AC Drive and AC Lift. The Raymond ACR System™ delivers more uptime, fewer battery changes, lower maintenance costs, and helps move more products faster. Our lab shows that in certain applications, the battery life can be extended up to ½ shift over the previous sideloader. In addition, there are enhanced ergonomics and increased capacity up to 12,000 lb.

Raymond Model 4150

New Raymond® Counterbalanced Lift Trucks Engineered For Maximum Productivity, Comfort

Comfortstance™ Suspension Provides Ergonomic Benefits For Operators

GREENE, N.Y. — When working in tough dock environments and traveling over uneven floors, operators of stand-up counterbalanced lift trucks rely on comfort, a clear line of sight and maneuverability from their trucks to achieve maximum performance and efficiency throughout their shifts. With these operators in mind, The Raymond Corporation designed the new Models 4150 and 4250 stand-up counterbalanced lift trucks with greater visibility for the operator; increased maneuverability provided by agile steering, a shorter head length, and dual steer tires; and the innovative ComfortStance™ suspension to maximize operator comfort.

"Available in load capacities from 3,000 pounds to 5,000 pounds, the Models 4150 and 4250 lift trucks were designed with feedback from some of the best performers in the warehousing industry," says Craig Curtis, product manager of counterbalanced trucks for The Raymond Corporation. "The result is a smooth ride from dock to stock, clear sight lines, a comfortable compartment, responsive controls, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and a low cost of ownership." Read press release

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Raymond Swing-Reach® Lift Truck Wins Plant
Engineering Product of the Year Award

06/30/2010 GREENE, N.Y. — Plant Engineering magazine — one of the top publications for professionals in the manufacturing, plant design, operations and maintenance industry — has chosen the Raymond® 9000 Series Swing-Reach® lift truck as the 2009 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Silver award winner in the material handling category.

A panel of experts, chosen by Plant Engineering, selected the 9000 Series as one of the leading products in 2009. Ballots were received from 30 countries. The Raymond 9000 Series Swing-Reach lift trucks offer energy-saving features, such as AC technology for long battery run times, and regenerative lowering that returns 11% of energy directly back to the battery.

The Plant Engineering Product of the Year Awards were presented at the 2010 Manufacturing/Automation Summit in Chicago this past spring.

Storage Concepts is the authorized Sales and Service Center for Raymond Forklifts in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.